The state contract search includes all open contracts created in the financial system for the judicial branch, executive branch, and all participating constitutional officers.  All procurements have followed Kentucky's Model Procurement Code codified in KRS 45A; Information is updated on a nightly basis; there is no exemption level for transactions.

For questions on items displayed on Kentucky's Open Door please use our contact us section (http://opendoor.ky.gov/Pages/contact.aspx)

Vendors wanting to do business with the state should access the state's e-procurement website at: (https://emars.ky.gov/webapp/vssonline/AltSelfService)

For additional information on contracts or Kentucky's procurement process please contact:
Finance and Administration Cabinet Office of Procurement Services
702 Capitol Ave.
Capitol Annex Bldg. - Room 096
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Phone (502) 564-4510
Fax (502) 564-1434

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