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    Your Money

    The state’s money comes from more sources than just taxes. Use this portion of the site to find out more about where state money comes from, where the state spends its money, and where to find out more helpful information about revenues and expenditures.


  • Ethics
    Learn about Kentucky’s Executive Branch Code of ethics, which establish the ethical standards that govern the conduct of all executive branch employees in order to promote public confidence in the government of the Commonwealth and its employees.
  • Open Records
    Learn more about Kentucky’s laws on open records and open meetings ensuring your right to know how your government operates.
  • Who are my Officials?
    Search for the men and women chosen by voters to represent our state and local communities.


Information about Kentucky's budget for kids!


  • Spending Search
    View line item expenditures from the state’s accounting system, updated daily and displaying transactions without a dollar threshold or exemption level for transactions.
  • Contract Search
    Contracts from all executive branch cabinets, agencies, and participating constitutional officers; includes all current Master Agreements, term contracts; one time contracts created by centralized procurement agencies; personal service contracts, grants, and memoranda of agreement which require review by the Government Contract Review Committee. All procurements have followed Kentucky’s Model Procurement Code codified in KRS 45A; are updated on a nightly basis; there is no exemption level for transactions.
  • Salary Search
    Search the Commonwealth’s most up to date state employee salary database.
  • Property Search
    Search a listing of the land and buildings owned or leased by the Commonwealth.