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Kentucky Transparency

Governor Steve Beshear believes that government must be accountable to the people.

And in these difficult economic times, it is essential that citizens feel confident that their tax dollars are being used efficiently and wisely.

That’s why, in the spring of 2008, Governor Beshear issued an Executive Order to establish the e-Transparency Task Force. The Task Force a 14-member, bi-partisan panel, chaired by Beshear’s Finance and Administration Secretary, Jonathan Miller, and involving all of the state’s constitutional officers, Democrats and Republican, was committed to providing a more transparent, accountable state government that helps eliminate wasteful spending and restores public faith in its leaders.

To that end, Governor Beshear charged the Task Force with the establishment of Kentucky’s Open Door, a Web site designed to provide a one-stop venue where citizens can review how their tax dollars are being spent, as well as obtain other vital information about state-funded programs.

A concerted, expedited, multi-agency effort—led by officials of the Beshear Finance and Administration Cabinet, but involving the hard work and extensive cooperation of representatives of every state agency, including the staffs of the other, independently-elected constitutional officers, solicited dozens of ideas from members of the public, some who testified at the Task Force’s hearings; others who emailed their ideas via the Finance Cabinet’s Web site.

Their input led to the launching of Kentucky’s Open Door on January 1, 2009.

Kentucky’s Open Door reflects the objectives of the Governor and the members of the Task Force—a user-friendly portal that will enable citizens to access substantial and substantive financial data about their government, ranging from big-picture budget summaries, to individual government contracts.

Governor Beshear realizes that Kentucky’s Open Door will not be complete. Nor will it ever be. The site will be ever-evolving and ever-improving; it will be a continuing goal to refine and supplement the site, providing more and more information to Kentucky taxpayers in an easy-to-access format. And we treasure YOUR input.

However, we are confident that Kentucky’s Open Door is already one of the nation’s finest transparency Web sites, and that this bi-partisan, multi-agency effort has taken a significant step in making Kentucky state government more accountable and responsible to the people of the Commonwealth.

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